The King in Me

The King in Me

The King in Me is a project-based after school program for male youth. The program is designed to engage young men in discussions, hands-on activities, and through comprehensive enrichment sessions aimed at providing participants with modern day approaches to age-old issues.

Today’s students are wired for action. They operate in fast-paced societies that expect immediate results. New and advanced technologies have provided students with instant access to a plethora of information that, without proper direction, can lead to the most important information going unlearned and the most complex ideas to be misunderstood. The King in Me program offers students a variety of opportunities to learn through doing. Students learn how problem solve through step-by-step approaches that will caution them to take their time and develop leadership and team-building skills. The program consists of a series of workshops focused on manhood, drugs and alcohol, sex and dating, financial literacy, professionalism, identity and culture, and bullying.

Each program session lasts 60-90 minutes and designed to engage 5-15 students in the 8-10, 11-14, and 15-18 year old age groups.

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