Measures of a Man

Measures of a Man is a school-based program specifically designed for young males with a focus on character development, violence prevention, and personal enrichment. Measures of a Man encompasses a weekly curriculum that engages 45, 6th-8th grade students at each school. The goal of this program is to build generations of young, responsible men of courage and character. The purpose of the curriculum is to:

  1. Expose students to life outside of their neighborhoods through meaningful dialogue, activities, and events
  2. Prevent youth from resorting to acts of violence, coercion and/or abuse
  3. Intervene in the academic and social lives of students demonstrating destructive behavior and help them build skills for success
  4. Rehabilitate those who have already begun to exhibit the effects of abuse and violence within their own interpersonal relationships and
  5. Build skills around knowledge, ability, and self-efficacy.

The program curriculum is based on five units: Making of a King, Manhood, Business and Industry, Culture and Civics, & Health and Wellness. Within the units are sixteen modules that contain more specific session topics that ascend in depth with the student’s grade level. The sessions are designed to completely surround the students with knowledge and wisdom in all aspects of their lives.

Program sessions are specifically designed to provide students with a greater depth and knowledge of applicable module topics as students mature. This allows for additional repetition of the program modules while ensuring students are provided with the most relevant and appropriate content. Measures of a Man involves partnerships throughout its curriculum. To provide students with a more dynamic view of certain curriculum units, specialists are brought in to discuss applicable topics.

Students are also encouraged to participate in student led monthly service projects designed to improve the environment and have a lasting impact on the community. Under the direction of a program manager, the young men meet one Saturday each month to plan and execute their project, which will later be unveiled to the public. The value gained throughout this project is immeasurable.

At the end of our three year program intervention, we expect the following student outcomes: a 15% increase in academic performance, a 90% of increase in students’ reading and mathematics scores, a 10% increase in attendance, as well as a 25% decrease in yearly suspensions.

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